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Gouramis Questions and comments about gouramis.

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Old 10-13-2008, 06:29 PM
EaglesFan EaglesFan is offline
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Default Pregnant Red Dwarf Gourami?

Hi everyone,

I've got two Red Dwarf Gouramis and three Black Skirt Tetras in a 20-gallon tank. The gouramis are SUPPOSED to be both males, but lo and behold, one of them looks like it swallowed a good-sized marble and thus I am assuming it is pregnant (and thus not male). The "marble" is actually a little bit uneven, protruding slightly more on the left side of the fish.

My questions are (1) is the fish pregnant or something wrong with it? (2) if it IS pregnant, what do I do about it? (3) If it's not pregnant, what could it be and what do I do about it? That should be good for starters. Thanks for your help!

Old 10-13-2008, 06:55 PM
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Default Re: Pregnant Red Dwarf Gourami?

Read this
  1. Unfortunately this beautiful fish is especially prone to many diseases. And it seems that there has been a further problem with the stock coming from the Asian fish farms for the last few years. They seem to be even more susceptible to disease. Giving these fish a pristine environment does not always keep them healthy as many experienced aquarists have found out. Here is the list of diseases they are especially susceptible to. Fin-rot Disease (late stage), Bacterial diseases; Costia Disease, Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.); Skin Flukes, Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.); Fin Rot (early stage), Bacterial diseases; False Fungal Infection (Apiosoma sp.), Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.); False Fungal Infection (Epistylis sp.), Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.); Bacterial Infections (general), Bacterial diseases; Tetrahymena Disease, Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.); Fish tuberculosis (FishMB), Bacterial diseases; Egg Bound Disease, Others
  1. If both of your Gourami are the same shade of color and their dorsal fins are the same shape and length in the back, chances are that you have male fish. Read up on sexing gourami. If it were me I would watch the fish for deteriorating condition and erratic behavior. If any lesions or scales standing up appear, I would destroy the fish.
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Old 10-13-2008, 07:23 PM
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Default Re: Pregnant Red Dwarf Gourami?

I am sorry to hear that perhaps your dwarf gourami is ill and not pregnant. Females do not ususally swell up that much. Hopefully it does not spread to the other fish.

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