Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets-Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets v1.27 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets-Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets v1.27 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) title=

Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets


Do you want to go to school with the friends you want? Then Bubbu School takes you to a place where you can meet lovely friends and study together. In this game, you are an adorable animal who meets happy friends. You and these friends will learn together in a dynamic and excellent environment. Learn and show all the unique sides of yourself.


In the happy school of Bubbu School, you will make new friends. These friends will be your classmates in this early childhood education class. Friends will come from many different places, and they have separate identities, of course, you too. Coming to this class right away, you will experience a lot of things, learn exciting subjects and have breakthrough creations.

It is a school that nourishes your soul and teaches you good things, the right to become a great object. You will, in turn, meet girls and teachers who are enthusiastic about helping you become a good student. They will teach suitable lessons, complicated steps, and even exciting writing exercises. We should know how to appreciate those things and try to enjoy this beautiful life so that we can beautify our own fresh luggage.


Just like other schools, you will also learn the same subjects and have the most impressive recess. You are a promising class president and have objective assessments to create the strongest team in this class. Players need to experience new classes and conquer all classes to draw their own advantages. Classes in music, art and even compulsory subjects such as math and writing will also be essential for all members.

Coming to the art class, you will be given a word of paper, and you will proceed to draw according to the teacher’s request. The class member who can draw the earliest and best is the winner. On the day of music class, you will be asked by the teacher to practice the song for the whole class. Good songs will be performed through many voices and bring the most enjoyable experiences to all members. Bubbu School also has a lot of interesting and exciting things that you need to exploit fully.


Bubbu School wishes you to be able to participate in the special extracurricular activities organized by the school. These extracurricular sessions will take place according to specific timelines as well as reasonable arrangements. You will be going to major cultural areas, galleries, or museums to learn and visit. These places will give you a lot of experience and valuable lessons that you can use in the future.

Moreover, teachers also allow you to cook according to your own passions and interests. Creating the most delicious cakes to serve your friends is something you always cherish. In addition, you will also conduct a camping competition with the whole school. Build a perfect chain of plans to help our friends, and we are bound together. Players should also write diaries to keep good memories with their classmates and dear teachers.

Bubbu School gives you an impressive school; players will clearly see that. Players will have more impressive extracurricular sessions fun classes with their friends. Studying the best subjects and drawing your own lessons is what you should do in this game. Be a good student receiving rewards and encouragement for yourself. Together, create impressive lessons so that we can create beautiful memories for years of studying and playing under this roof.


You can choose the animal you want and role-play to come to a dynamic learning environment.You will meet new friends and they will write you the best memories in this happy school.Meet friendly teachers and aunts who can help you show all the sides of yourself.Always create a joyful atmosphere and learn the most dynamic and creative extracurricular subjects and practices.Draw beautiful pictures and show off your talents to make delicious cakes and attractive drinks to give to your teachers.Harmonize with friends and find yourself a close friend to create the unique guestbook together.