My Town: Cinema and Movie-My Town: Cinema and Movie v7.00.10 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content)

My Town: Cinema and Movie-My Town: Cinema and Movie v7.00.10 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content) title=

My Town: Cinema and Movie


My Town: Cinema and Movie is a movie theater game where you meet different characters and discover objects you like. At the same time, the characters can hold anything and give interesting reactions. There will be some problems when you use the wrong item, and during the interaction, you will be able to find heart units and different characters.


Players will continue to come to a doll world of My Town: Cinema and Movie Game in the My Town series with many things they can explore. They can go to many different places and interact with what they see and love. At the same time, this game focuses on player exploration, so there are not too many complicated binding rules. In addition, all operations are focused on tapping and dragging.

You can touch an object you want and drag it to a specific position in the game. Also, even though this is a doll world where characters can’t move, they can still hold objects that you give them. In addition, you can also change their location and change their status any time you want. It can be said that many interesting mechanics are waiting for you to discover with creative ideas.


When you go to a movie theater in My Town: Cinema and Movie Game, there are many interesting places that you cannot miss. It could be a place that sells snacks, the manager’s room, the cinema room, and many other rooms. At the same time, each room has a unique feature that you absolutely cannot miss as the room responsible for showing the movies will have different movies that you can explore.

As mentioned above, all don’t have a specific tie for the player, so there will be many things that players can try. You can give items that can be used in the game to the character to see their reaction. Also, since this is a movie theater, you won’t be able to skip the screened footage, and you’ll find ways to change the content of the movie being shown. In addition, the application also provides arrow buttons for you to enter or exit a place quickly.

Some of the reactions of the objects in this game are entirely varied and make the player unpredictable. At the same time, if they are not careful, some problems can arise and require them to have a way to solve them quickly. For example, you can turn the movie projector on or off with different buttons, and if you keep it running continuously, it can catch on fire at any moment. You need to use a nearby fire extinguisher to tackle the fire.


When you go to a specific place in My Town: Cinema and Movie Game, you will be able to find different characters. These characters are objects that you can interact with, and of course, they have completely different expressions. The expressions will appear in a list that you can freely change. In addition, when you go to a specific location, players can bring other characters with them.

There will always be characters with you, and you can take them to a new location when you reach the access arrow button. At the same time, a list of characters with different characteristics is waiting for you, and they will be able to immediately appear if you choose to play with them. During your exploration, don’t forget to collect heart units, as it will help you unlock rewards that are awe-inspiring items.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the interesting places in the cinema:

The game’s doll world is set in a movie theater with many different locations that players can go to and explore.Each location has an arrow button to access, and of course, you can touch any item and interact with the characters you see.The characters can hold the objects you bring, and in some cases, there will be some problems that you need to solve.The game allows you to meet characters with changeable looks and faces, and you can find a list of characters you can play with.Each level contains many collectible heart units that unlock impressive and surprising rewards.